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Ever wondered why it’s so hard to put your phone down? Join Digital Wellness Coach, Marisha Pink, as she explores how modern technology is affecting our everyday lives and shares actionable advice to help you minimise digital distractions, build healthier digital habits, and achieve a better tech-life balance. New episode every Tuesday.

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Recent episodes

Stick Or Twist: Should You Quit, Curate, Or Take A Break From Social Media?

It’s time to make a tough decision! In this episode, I explore whether you should consciously curate your social media experience, reduce the amount of time that you spend on social platforms, take a digital detox break, or quit social media altogether. I examine the personal factors that might influence your decision, how your brain could already be signalling to you that it’s time to take a break, and what will happen if you ignore it. I also share practical questions for you to ask yourself as part of a downloadable decision chart, to help you decide what your future relationship with social media will look like.

Has Social Media Caused A Loneliness Epidemic?

We’re spending less time in person with other people than we did 20 years ago…but did you know that loneliness could kill you? In this episode, I explore the issue of loneliness in the digital age and how social media is both connecting and disconnecting you from others. I examine the important difference between loneliness and being alone, the surprising physical and mental health consequences of loneliness, and the impact social media is having on your ability to form and maintain offline relationships. I also share practical advice on how to overcome loneliness and nurture your real-life connections, and challenge you to consciously reconnect with someone important to you.

Split Personalities: Why Are We All Mean Girls Online?

Ever feel like you get one version of someone offline and a completely different version of them online? In this episode, I explore why our online behaviours are so different from our offline behaviours, why we overshare information about ourselves on social media, and why even the nicest people turn into mean girls online. I explain how social media algorithms amplify your worst human traits, encourage you to compete instead of connect, and create echo chambers that are making you less sociable, less empathetic, and less tolerant of other worldviews. I examine why negativity spreads so quickly and easily within social networks, and offer practical steps for fostering a more positive online experience and ensuring that you present yourself authentically online. I also challenge you to use social media in a more conscious, conversational, and constructive way for 7 days.

Is Social Media Bad For Mental Health?

Do you worry that social media is making you feel anxious, depressed, self-conscious, or lonely? You’re not alone. But with conflicting media headlines, it’s hard to know what the true impact of social media is on our mental health – and what to do about it. In this episode, I explore whether social media is, or isn’t, bad for your mental health, why research into the link between social media and mental health issues is so flawed, and whose responsibility it is to safeguard your mental wellbeing when using social platforms. I examine what we know about the relationship between social media and changes in mood, depression, anxiety, suicide and self-harm, body image, and loneliness, and what to do if you suspect that you or someone you know may be affected. I also challenge you to keep a mental health journal for the week, to discover how your personal social media use is making you feel, and assess whether negative experiences are outweighing positive ones.

How much time should you spend on social media?

Do you find yourself spending hours on social media each day? Whether it’s watching viral TikTok videos or incessantly swiping through Instagram stories, we all seem to be clocking up more hours than intended on our favourite social platforms. But have you ever wondered how much time it is healthy to spend on social media? In this episode, I share the 4 key questions that you need to ask yourself about your social media use, and reveal how much time the experts recommend you spend online. I also challenge you to do a mini-audit of your social media time, to get a better understanding of your personal social media habits and decide for yourself if you should be spending less time on social media.

Hijacking Happiness: How Social Media Hacked Your Happy Hormones To Get You Hooked Online

Ever wondered why you can’t stay off social media, even when you turn off notifications and put your phone away? In this episode, I explain how platforms like Instagram and TikTok have hijacked your happiness hormones – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins – to get you hooked on using social media, even when there are no external triggers driving you online. I explore the important role that these hormones play in your innate survival instincts as a human, and how social media has hacked into your brain to alter their natural levels, creating internal triggers for going online. I also challenge you to journal the thoughts and emotions you experience right before reaching for social media for 7 days, to see if you can identify your own internal triggers.

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