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Ever wondered why it’s so hard to put your phone down? Join Digital Wellness Coach, Marisha Pink, as she explores how modern technology is affecting our everyday lives and shares actionable advice to help you minimise digital distractions, build healthier digital habits, and achieve a better tech-life balance. New episode every Tuesday.

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Recent episodes

Persuasive Design: 6 Features Social Media Companies Use To Deliberately Influence Your Behaviour

Ever wondered if social media was designed to be addictive? You’d be right! In this episode, I explain how platforms like Facebook and Instagram are deliberately designed to keep you hooked. I discuss how behavioural psychology and classical conditioning play a crucial role in shaping your behaviour, and how social media companies exploit these principles to keep you engaged for longer periods of time. I explore the power of social media algorithms to automate and optimise your behaviour change, and share 6 persuasive design features that are particularly effective at keeping you coming back for more. I also challenge you to take part in a 7 day “no notifications” challenge, where you’ll turn off all non-essential social media notifications to see how it affects your relationship with social media.

The Attention Economy: Understanding The Business & Currency Of Social Media

Ever wondered how social media companies make money? In this episode, I explain what the attention economy is, how it works, and why you’re the product, not the customer, when it comes to social media. I explore the business models that social media companies use to profit from your time, attention, and data, and why it’s so important for them to keep you online, even when it’s not in your best interests. I also examine why social media platforms adopt the same features and the reason you should be wary of their intentions.

Clickbait, Controversy & Cancel Culture: KSI & The Dark Side Of Social Media

Does social media bring out the worst in us as human beings? In this episode, I examine the social media backlash surrounding controversial comments made by UK rapper KSI, in a now deleted YouTube video. I explain how deliberately controversial posts and clickbait headlines encourage bad online behaviours that fuel social media algorithms with negativity, and the mental health impact of negative social media comments. I explore why we’re comfortable behaving more abusively online than we would in person, how intense emotions spread across social networks, and why social media is making us less empathetic towards each other. I also share some tips for making your social media experience more positive.

Is Your Desk Job Costing You Your Physical Health?

Are you struggling with eye strain, neck pain or backache? Could it be caused by the way you sit at your computer? In this episode, I explain how the growth in remote working has increased your screen time and may be affecting your physical health. I explore the causes of common technology-induced physical ailments, including eye strain, hearing loss, neck ache and back pain, and share some ways to help you assess the current state of your body and adjust your workspace or equipment to prevent long-term damage.

Indian Inspiration – Could You Commit To A Daily Digital Detox?

Have we become so hooked on our digital devices that we need saving from ourselves? In this episode, I share the fascinating story of the Indian village of Vadgaon, where a daily digital detox law forces villagers to switch off their digital devices for 90 minutes each day. I explore whether a similar law could, or should, be introduced in other countries, the possible benefits of such a widespread, simultaneous disconnection from the online world, and challenge you to try out your own daily digital detox, inspired by the villagers of Vadgaon.

Mastering Mindfulness – How A Simple Daily Practice Could Help Increase Your Attention Span

Could deliberately practising being in the moment for a few minutes a day help to increase your attention span? Science certainly seems to suggest so! In this episode, I explain the concept of mindfulness, a mental state of being present in the moment, without judgement or distraction, where you observe and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, but don’t react to them. I explore the science behind why practising mindfulness can lead to improvements in your executive attention, and share 9 simple ways that you can incorporate a mindfulness practice into your daily routine.

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