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Ever wondered why it’s so hard to put your phone down? Join Digital Wellness Coach, Marisha Pink, as she explores how modern technology is affecting our everyday lives and shares actionable advice to help you minimise digital distractions, build healthier digital habits, and achieve a better tech-life balance. New episode every Tuesday.

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Recent episodes

Deep Reading – The Ultimate Brain Training To Improve Your Concentration?

Do you struggle to read a book these days? What about longer documents, like reports or contracts? Your executive attention is to blame! In this episode, I explain how practising deep reading, where you engage with and focus on text, tuning out all other distractions, can help improve your executive attention and restore your capacity for concentration. I explore whether it matters what you read, the very different ways that you read online vs offline, and if it’s possible to practise deep reading on a Kindle. I also share some practical steps for cultivating a deep reading habit of your own.

A Natural Remedy – How Exposure To Nature Can Help Restore Your Lost Focus

Do you find it easier to focus on tasks after taking a walk in the park or taking a holiday by the sea? Ever wondered why? In this episode, I explain how exposing yourself to nature can help to restore your executive attention, making it easier for you to concentrate on important or complex tasks. I explore 3 theories about why nature is so restorative for your brain and body, how long you need to spend in nature to see improvements in your attention, and suggest some ways to access nature when you live in a concrete jungle or it’s impractical to get outside.

Pay Attention! The Myth of Multitasking

Do you struggle to concentrate for long periods of time? Is the lack of focus affecting your ability to finish important tasks? In this episode, I explain the 3 types of human attention and how your executive attention – responsible for sustained focus – is affected by using digital devices. I explore why multitasking is a fallacy and bad for everything from your performance to your wellbeing, and share 6 practical steps that you can take to manage your devices and set yourself up for maximum focus.

Anxiety-Inducing AI – Are You Going To Lose Your Job To A Machine?

Is the current debate about AI giving you anxiety? In this episode, I break down exactly what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it’s already being used in familiar products and services. I explore why recent advancements in AI are making us worried about losing everything from our liberties to our jobs, and offer some practical suggestions to help you future-proof yourself from the machines and keep your fears at bay.

Dating In The Digital Age: How To Use Dating Apps Without Losing Your Mind

Are you exhausted by the constant swiping, breadcrumbing, and ghosting on modern dating apps? You’re not alone. In this Valentine’s Day episode, I explain why finding love in the digital age is so hard, despite dating apps giving us access to more prospects than ever before. I explore how social media has distorted our expectations of relationships, the reason dating apps are not designed to be deleted, and share 10 tips to help you navigate dating apps more successfully, so that you can find the partner of your dreams.

Work-Life Balance: How To Switch Off From An ‘Always On’ Culture

Did you know that not taking breaks from work could shorten your life? In this episode, I explain why maintaining a work-life balance is so hard in the digital age and how failing to disconnect daily could be setting you up for burnout. I explore the challenges of working in an ‘always on’ company culture and share practical tech tips to help you manage your time, set better boundaries, and switch off outside of working hours.

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