Book a coaching taster session.

Maybe you’re considering coaching but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing for you? Maybe you know something is off in your life but you don’t feel clear on exactly what you need help with? Or perhaps you need to road-test the experience to see whether I’m the right coach for you?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Try a free 30 min Zoom session.

Choose a slot to book.

What happens in the session?

  • We’ll clarify what changes you are looking to make through coaching
  • I’ll ask you some questions to find out more about your current situation
  • I’ll share some thoughts and ideas about the coaching topics which could help move you forward
  • We’ll have an honest chat about whether we’re a good fit to work together
  • If we are, I’ll run through the details of the coaching programme I would recommend for you
  • If we’re not, I’ll let you know who else (or what else!) might be able to help you

    I won’t try to pressure sell you into being coached by me – that’s not my style. It’s better for both of us if you choose to work with me because it feels right for you. Maybe we’ll vibe and you’ll know intuitively during the session, or maybe you’ll need some time to reflect afterwards. Either way, we’re cool.

    Who should book a session?

    I have a limited number of coaching taster sessions available each week, so please only book a slot if you are:

    • serious about making changes in your life and building healthier digital habits
    • ready to invest time in yourself, your growth, and your goals
    • in a position to invest financially in coaching

    If you’re not currently in a financial position, don’t have the time, or aren’t in the right headspace to invest in coaching right now, please do come back and book a taster session when you are ready – I’d love to speak with you then. In the meantime, you’ll find plenty of free and helpful resources around the site that you can digest in your own time.

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