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DOPAMINE:RESET is a 10 week live group coaching programme that will change the way you use social media forever. When you join DOPAMINE:RESET, you’ll rewire your brain and discover a new way of approaching social media that will help you reclaim your time, your happiness, and your most important relationships. The programme will show you how to stop wasting time on social media, overcome comparisonitis and imposter syndrome, and create a life offline that’s truly fulfilling. In short, you’ll discover how to use social media in a way that works for you, not against you, and leave with the tools and support to take a break whenever you need it.

Who can join DOPAMINE:RESET and how do I know if I’m ready?

DOPAMINE:RESET is a programme exclusively for women. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and distracted by the constant noise of social media…you’re ready for DOPAMINE:RESET. If you’re fed up with comparing your life to others on social media and feeling like you don’t have enough time for the things that matter…you’re ready. If you’re convinced that you could be making more of your life and you’re committed to doing the work to make it happen…you’re 100% ready.

What will I be doing during the 10 weeks?

Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of what you’ll be doing:

Week 1: #iwokeuplikethis
Establish your baseline by exploring the role that social media currently plays in your life. Get clear on how much time you are spending online and understand the positive and negative impact that this is having on 8 key areas of your life. Begin tracking your screen time and social media habits.

Week 2: #goals
Connect to what’s really important to you and what you want your future life to look like – how much time do you want to spend on social media and what becomes possible for you with the extra time that you’ll gain? Set your goals for the programme, committing to reducing your use of up to 2 social media platforms and improving up to 2 key areas of your life.

Week 3: #sleepisforthestrong
Understand how your willpower works and leverage a powerful sleep hack to supercharge your way to meeting your first screen time reduction milestone.

Week 4: #triggered
Explore the external cues that trigger your social media use and learn how to obliterate them so that you aren’t constantly tempted to be online.

Week 5: #happiness
Discover what lights you up inside and commit to taking actions that will see you doing more of the things you love offline.

Week 6: #relationshipgoals
Review your on- and offline relationships and evaluate how they make you feel. Learn how to prioritise your most important people and invest in improving your relationship with them in real life.

Week 7: #socialbutterfly
Assess how social media content impacts your mental health and explore the role that you play in influencing what you see. Discover how to proactively curate a more positive social media experience.

Week 8: #selfie
Reflect on how you portray yourself on social media and why. Commit to showing up authentically and consciously determine what you will and won’t share from your personal life.

Week 9: #selfcare
Understand how your brain and body signal to you that it’s time to take a break from social media and prepare a go-to plan that empowers you to take breaks and return to social media with ease.

Week 10: #reset
Reflect on your journey over the past 10 weeks and learn how to manage challenges that may recur or arise in the future. Explore the tools and resources available to support you as you continue on your digital wellbeing journey.

What outcomes can I expect after completing the programme?

After completing DOPAMINE:RESET, you’ll:

  • stop wasting your valuable time on social media
  • stop feeling like you don’t have enough time for things that matter
  • be clear on what you need to be happy and content – and be making it a reality
  • say goodbye to comparisonitis and imposter syndrome
  • be able to choose when, where, and how you use social media
  • enjoy better relationships with the people you care about most
  • know when and how to take a break from social media
How much time do I need to commit to this programme?

DOPAMINE:RESET is a 10-week programme. It’s 10 weeks because that’s all the time you need to make a lasting change to your social media habits and start living your best life.

You’ll need to dedicate 2–3 hours a week if you want to see results, which includes the 75-minute live group coaching call each week. You’ll use the remaining time to complete short “homework” exercises, for example reflecting on your habits, aspirations or emotions using journal prompts.

Most of the “work” you’ll be doing involves making changes to your existing habits and routines, so you don’t need a lot of extra time. The irony is, completing DOPAMINE:RESET will actually give you more time by helping you reduce the amount of time that you currently spend on social media.

What is the investment and do you offer a payment plan?

The investment for DOPAMINE:RESET is £1,497 (approx. USD $1,859).

I also offer a payment plan where you can pay £499 per month for 3 months, at no extra charge (approx. USD $619 per month).

Is this a digital detox?

No, this is not a digital detox – it’s better than a digital detox! When you go cold turkey and abstain from using social media, either by deleting the apps or going on a woodland retreat and leaving your phone behind, you’re cutting out the external triggers that cause your excessive social media use.

However, as soon as you download the apps again or return home to your regular life, those external triggers are still there waiting for you. Either that or the FOMO (fear of missing out) becomes too big to ignore. That’s why most people end up spending more time using social media after a digital detox than they did before – it’s a passive process.

When you join DOPAMINE:RESET, you’ll actively be working to address the external and internal triggers that cause you to waste time on social media in your day-to-day life. This means that you’ll be able to make conscious decisions about how to spend your time and implement changes to your social media habits that last well beyond the duration of the programme.

Why is this a group coaching programme?

One of the beautiful things about being part of a group coaching programme is sharing your journey with like-minded women who understand what you’re going through. I’ve taken part in group programmes myself, and the support, accountability, and encouragement that you get from each other, during the programme and after it ends, is unmatched. I believe that this dynamic contributes to both your enjoyment and your success. Even if you have supportive friends, family, or a supportive partner, there’s no-one that “gets it” quite like the people who’ve been through the same experience as you. Plus, private one-on-one coaching is not a big focus of mine; as much as I love it, it limits the number of women that I can help because there are only so many hours in the week!

How big is the group?

There will never be more than 10 women inside your DOPAMINE:RESET group. I intentionally keep the groups small and intimate, so that I can serve you in the best possible way. This means that you’ll always be seen and heard. Plus, you’ll be kickstarting your rewiring journey alongside a small group of equally committed women, so you’ll have plenty of support and encouragement from people who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Can’t I do this by myself?

Yes, technically you could do this by yourself.…the question is, why haven’t you? What’s been stopping you from cutting down your social media use and living your best life out in the real world?

While it’s definitely possible to achieve success on your own, the DOPAMINE:RESET programme offers a unique combination of support, guidance, and accountability that can accelerate your progress towards this goal. As an experienced coach, I can help you to overcome any challenges, develop clear action plans, and stay motivated and focused to make your dream life a reality.

The programme provides a structured framework that is designed to help you make lasting changes to your social media habits. You’ll use tools, resources, and strategies that have been proven to work for my clients, and I tailor the approach in each cohort to meet the individual needs and goals of the group.

Ultimately, the decision to join the programme is up to you. But I believe when you join DOPAMINE:RESET, you’ll have the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals faster and more effectively than you would on your own.

Can you guarantee results?

No, I can’t. And if you’re looking for guarantees, then coaching probably isn’t right for you. That’s because in coaching you have to do the work and most of that work happens outside of the coaching session. So only you can guarantee your results. This programme is about empowering you to make changes in your life, equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to do it, and supporting you along the journey.

What happens if I don’t join the programme?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happens, and that’s the point. Nothing changes for you. Everything in your life stays exactly the way it is.

You’ll continue to waste hours of your life scrolling through social media, wondering why you never have time for the people and things that matter to you…

You’ll keep comparing your real life to other people’s on social media, still feeling like everyone else is happier, has their sh*t together, and is enjoying life more than you are…

You’ll continue swinging between social media binges and radical digital detoxes, but never really feel like you’re in control of your social media use…

You’ll remember that you had the chance to join DOPAMINE:RESET and wonder if you made a mistake by walking away…

By that point, three months will have passed. Maybe even six months or a year…

All that time will have been wasted doing more of the same thing, when you could have been out living your best and most fulfilling life. The choice is yours.

What if I join and I’m not happy with the programme?

I do everything possible to stop this from happening and I believe in the work that we do inside of DOPAMINE:RESET. However, in the unlikely event that you join and are not happy with the programme, I offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

Register today, go through the whole programme, do the work, and if by the end you’re not spending less time on social media and having better experiences in your real life, I’ll give you your money back.

Throughout the programme, you’ll be tracking your social media use, completing specific exercises, reflecting on your life, and documenting it all inside your Happiness Blueprint Workbook. You’ll literally hold in your hands proof that you have done the work and what your results were. That’s what makes me so confident that I offer the money back guarantee.

And remember, DOPAMINE:RESET is only 10 weeks long. With a 90 day guarantee, you can complete the whole programme and you’d still have two more weeks to request your money back.

Remind me…what do I get when I join the programme?

When you join DOPAMINE:RESET today, you’ll get:

  • 10 x 75 minute live group coaching calls
  • Virtual sessions delivered via Zoom
  • Access to session recordings for 6 months
  • Weekly action-focused “homework”
  • Small and intimate group size (maximum 10 women)

You’ll also get these bonuses:

  • 2 x 60 minute private coaching calls (delivered via Zoom)
  • 12 weeks unlimited voice/text support
  • Happiness Blueprint workbook (printed)
  • RESET & RISING 1 year membership
Are the group calls with Marisha?

Yes, there’s no “bait and switch” here! You are going to see me live every week on the group coaching call.

Are the group calls pre-recorded?

No, this is a LIVE group coaching programme. Nothing is pre-recorded and everything happens in real time. This way you get to ask as many questions as you need.

What happens if I can’t join the live group calls?

I always recommend that you join the group calls live to get the most benefit from this programme, but I understand that sometimes *life* happens. That’s why each group call is recorded and made available for you to watch following the session. If anything is unclear from the recording, you can always reach out to me – you have 12 weeks of unlimited voice/text support included. You can also tag me in RESET & RISING, our private online community, and either myself or one of the other group members will be able to help.

Are there 1:1 coaching calls with Marisha?

There certainly are! You get access to 2 x 60 minute private coaching calls with me via Zoom to ensure that you’re fully supported. You can book these calls in at any time during the 10-week programme, you’ll have direct access to my calendar, which means you get to choose when you think that they will be most helpful for you. You also have 12 weeks of unlimited voice/text support from me included.

Do I have to stop using social media completely when I take this programme?

Not at all, unless that’s your goal. DOPAMINE:RESET is designed to help you become aware of how much time you’re spending on social media and the positive and negative effects that this is having on your real life. Armed with this knowledge, you get to consciously decide which social media platforms you’ll use, when you’ll use them, and how much time you’ll spend online. This looks different for everyone and my job is to support you with finding the balance that works best for you – I’m not here to tell you what to do.

What if I have to use social media for my job/business?

No problem, I have to do this too! DOPAMINE:RESET is about finding a balance in social media use that works for you in your life. It’s about finding a way to use social media that supports your aspirations and ambitions, rather than distracting you from them. This looks different for everyone, so if you need to use social media for work, the programme will help you to make sure that you’re using it for this purpose in the most efficient way.

What if I don’t know what to do with all that free time?

This is a great problem to have, but it won’t be a problem for long! When you join DOPAMINE:RESET, I’ll help you connect to or reconnect to what’s really important for you in your life. Whether it’s something you used to do but stopped doing when social media arrived on the scene, or something that you’ve always dreamed of doing, I’ll help you to find it. Then I’ll support you with taking the action steps needed to make it a tangible and enjoyable part of your life.

What happens after I finish the programme?

What doesn’t happen? The world is your oyster! Thanks to the Happiness Blueprint workbook, you’ll have a personal roadmap for how to continue reducing your social media time and further increase your joy and happiness. You’ll also still have access to RESET & RISING, the private online community exclusively for women who have enrolled in DOPAMINE:RESET. This means that you can keep in touch with the friends you’ve made during the programme, continue to share ideas or inspiration, and keep receiving support and accountability. Once a month, I also host a live Q&A inside the community, so that you can ask any questions you might have.

When do you run DOPAMINE:RESET next?

A new cohort begins almost every month, however the 10 places fill up fast and some months I take a break for my own wellbeing. Registration for each cohort opens well in advance and I only announce the dates via email, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox if you’re not joining us this month.

Still have questions? Email me at – I’d be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the programme.

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