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23 January 2023 |
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Hi, I’m Marisha aka The Digital Diet Coach. In this short introductory episode, I give you the lowdown on what The Digital Diet Podcast is all about, why I decided to start it, and what content you can expect in future episodes. I also share a little about who I am and who I help through my coaching practice.


Episode notes

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What digital wellness is and why you need to prioritise it in your own life
  • The concept of a balanced digital diet and why it’s the most sustainable approach to digital wellbeing
  • Why digital wellness is a personal, pro-active and ongoing practice, rather than a one-size-fits-all set of rules
  • Why I started this podcast and the sorts of topics you can expect to hear about in future episodes
  • What I do and who I help through my coaching practice over at The Digital Diet Coach


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[00:00:00] You’re listening to The Digital Diet, a podcast for ambitious women committed to minimising digital distractions, building healthier digital habits, and achieving a better tech-life balance. I’m your host, Digital Wellness Coach, Marisha Pink, and we both know that you’re made for more than senseless scrolling, endless emails, and non-stop notifications. So, if you’re ready to transform your relationship with technology, improve your wellbeing, and #liveyourbestlife in real life, you’re in the right place. Let’s do this!

[00:00:35] Hey guys, Happy New Year and welcome to The Digital Diet Podcast. I’m your host, Marisha Pink, aka The Digital Diet Coach, and this is episode zero. A little introductory episode, if you will. I’m so excited to be here. I’m so excited that you’re here. I have been plotting, and scheming, and dreaming about this podcast for a little while now. But before diving in, I thought it would be helpful to let you know exactly what this podcast is all about, what you can expect in terms of content, and of course, who the heck I am, if you don’t know me.

[00:01:09] So, first things first, if you’re here hoping that this is a weight loss podcast that’s gonna help you achieve the New Year’s resolution that you set, then I’m extremely sorry because that’s not at all what this is. This podcast is about digital wellness and about helping you to prioritise it in your own life.

[00:01:28] So, if you’ve ever found yourself thinking that you spend way too much time scrolling through Instagram and TikTok or binge-watching Netflix series; or you’re already feeling like you’re in desperate need of a holiday because you’re fed up of endless emails, and Teams chats, and Zoom meetings, even though we’re not even done with January yet; or if you have big plans to write a book, or learn the guitar, or start a business this year, but you’re really struggling to focus and make progress, then you should keep listening because this podcast is definitely for you.

[00:02:01] We spend so much time online that often we’re not able to truly disconnect and allow ourselves the opportunity to live our best lives offline. So, instead of going after our goals, and spending quality time with people that matter to us, and doing activities that bring us joy, we spend our time answering endless emails, doom scrolling news sites, and basically religiously following these sort of carefully curated Instagram lives of people that we don’t even know.

[00:02:31] And it leaves a lot of us feeling like we’re either not enough or we’re not doing enough. And the trouble is, technology has become such an essential part of our lives that it’s now almost impossible to avoid it, and many of us have accidentally become slaves to our smartphones. Now, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

[00:02:52] And that’s where the concept of a digital diet comes in. And the reason I use the diet analogy is because it so perfectly captures the end goal of practicing digital wellbeing. Everyone knows that a healthy and sustainable diet doesn’t involve following fads where you cut out major food groups or you survive solely on cabbage soup for a week, any more than it involves eating whatever you want whenever you feel like it, or being allowed to binge eat an entire packet of chocolate digestives because you only had salad for lunch.

[00:03:24] There are quite obviously short- and long-term health consequences from following any of those approaches. And none of them is sustainable in the long run because, let’s face it, at some point you want to be able to have at least one chocolate digestive, or a glass of wine, or whatever your poison is, without feeling like you’ve messed everything up.

[00:03:43] So, for a diet to be both balanced and sustainable, you need to include all the major food groups, and be able to include certain foods or drinks in moderation. And a digital diet is no different. While you might think that digital wellness means turning off your phone occasionally, taking a break from social media, or going on a digital detox retreat for the weekend in the woods, it’s much more than that. It’s a lifestyle change.

[00:04:11] Digital wellness is really about being intentional about the way that you use technology in your everyday life, and proactively taking steps to make sure that it isn’t negatively affecting your mental, emotional, or physical health. Now, not all technology use is bad, and I’m not some kind of anti-technology conspiracy theorist, in fact I quite like technology.

[00:04:33] And for yourself, maybe you use devices or apps to work remotely, to track your health and fitness, to navigate when you’re walking or driving somewhere, or more than likely to connect with family and friends. You’re even using it right now to listen to this podcast, which I hope is going to be of tremendous value to you.

[00:04:52] But the point is, everyone’s needs are different. So, my goal isn’t to preach to you and tell you to delete all your social media accounts, or to ignore emails from your work colleagues for four hours a day, or even to push you towards applying a one-size-fits-all set of rules. Firstly, because that’s just not going to work. It’s not sustainable, and for many of you, it’s probably not practical either. But secondly, because it would be super hypocritical of me.

[00:05:19] Although I’m doing my best to practice digital wellness in a way that works for me in my life, guess what? I’m human just like you are. Sometimes I struggle, and sometimes I slip up and fall off the bandwagon completely. And I want to be real with you on this podcast about that, because it does happen.

[00:05:36] With all the will in the world, it will happen to you too at some point, and that’s okay. That’s why digital wellness is very much a conscious, active, and ongoing practice. It’s not the fact that you fell off the horse that matters here, it’s how you’re going to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on.

[00:05:52] So, here on the podcast, my aim is really to provide you with the facts, so that you can reflect on your own experiences with technology and become more aware of how it may be affecting you in both positive and negative ways. And to share actionable and practical advice with you, so that you can make conscious decisions about how to use technology in a way that enhances or improves your life, without being detrimental to your wellbeing.

[00:06:18] In other words, I’m here to help you create a balanced and, more importantly, sustainable, digital diet. Everything that I share with you is going to be based on research evidence from psychology and neuroscience, as well as on tried and tested strategies that either myself or my coaching clients have used in our own quest for digital wellness.

[00:06:38] So, this is probably a good time to explain a little bit more about who I am. As I mentioned at the start, my name is Marisha Pink and I’m a Certified Digital Wellness Coach. I founded The Digital Diet Coach in 2021 and, through my coaching programmes, I help women to build healthier digital habits so that they can better balance the technology in their lives and take back control of their time. And I help my clients to tune out all the noise and all the digital distractions, and instead tune into themselves to discover their purpose, to rediscover lost passions, and ultimately to design and live the lives that they want.

[00:07:17] I came to coaching as a second, or at this point maybe even third career. I’m a self-published author and, from time to time, I also still freelance in the crazy world of marketing and advertising. But I’ve always been fascinated by behavioural psychology, and by neuroscience, and personal development. I’m basically a complete geek and I love learning. I get really excited about understanding why we do the things we do and understanding what behaviours and beliefs separate happy and successful people from people who are less happy or less successful.

[00:07:52] And it’s not enough for me just to use that knowledge to change my own behaviour, in order to grow and improve in some way in my own life. I feel compelled to share it with anyone who will listen. And the thing about digital wellness specifically is that our understanding is growing all the time. Partly because technology is changing all the time.

[00:08:12] At the moment, the world is on fire with ChatGPT, which is a new artificial intelligence tool. And every week, the social media platforms roll out new features, or they switch up their algorithms, in an attempt to hook us for longer and longer periods of time. Which means that the research into how technology is impacting our lives, as well as our own personal experiences, keeps evolving.

[00:08:34] Now, my geeky brain loves this, and there is always so much that I’m bursting to share, but I can’t possibly cover it in all my coaching programmes. I don’t think I’ll even be able to cover it all in the book that I’m currently working on, and I think my friends and family are probably fed up with me delivering a mini TED talk every time we speak.

[00:08:53] So, here I am. Now, you’ve probably spotted that I am a woman, and as I said, I coach other women, and I do that because I can relate to them, and I love helping them to get the most out of life. And that means much of what you hear on the podcast will be shared with women in mind. However, absolutely everyone is welcome here.

[00:09:13] We’re all human, our brains all evolve from the same evolutionary base, and technology affects us all in every area of our lives. So, most of the topics that we’ll be exploring and the advice that I’ll be sharing will still be applicable and valuable, however you choose to identify yourself.

[00:09:29] So, if that sounds like your cup of tea, then be sure to subscribe to the show wherever you listen to your podcasts, because I’ll be sharing a new episode every Tuesday. It’s still early days, so to start out, I’ll be sharing what I think will be most interesting and most useful for you. But I would love, and actually I’d prefer, to share what you need.

[00:09:50] So, what questions do you have about digital wellness? What things are you struggling with the most? Email me at podcast@thedigitaldietcoach.com or, if you prefer, you can DM me on Instagram @thedigitaldietcoach, and let me know. And I’ll make sure that I cover whatever it is that’s on your mind in a future episode of the show.

[00:10:12] And as the podcast grows, I also hope to work my way up to having some really interesting guests. So, think neuroscientists, researchers, and authors of the many, many books that I have read on the topic.

[00:10:25] So, that’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little introduction. And I know that you’re busy and your time is valuable, so I thank you for choosing to spend a little of your day with me. I’ll see you next time.

[00:10:37] Thanks for tuning in to The Digital Diet Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, I’d be so grateful if you’d leave a review on your podcast platform of choice, or share it with someone that you think might enjoy it too.

[00:10:52] To stay connected to me, please visit me at thedigitaldietcoach.com, where you can see all of my coaching programmes, and sign up for my email list to receive more digital wellness tips. Until next time.

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