Hey, I’m Marisha.

aka The Digital Diet Coach – welcome! I help women like you to build healthier digital habits so you can achieve a better tech-life balance and take back control of your time. I can help you tune out the distractions and tune into yourself to discover your purpose, reignite your passions, and design the life you desire. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Keep reading for the lowdown on who I am, how I got here, and why I do what I do.

A little about me.

I’m an Author, Creative Entrepreneur, and Digital Wellness Coach based in London, UK. I wear a lot of hats in my life but I’ve always been fascinated by behavioural psychology and personal development. I geek out on understanding why we do the things we do and on using that knowledge to hack my brain so that I can be and do better.

I’m a modern woman who believes that women can have it all, but I also believe that the greatest threat to our happiness and success is no longer oppressive views or structures, but something far more subtle: technology. With digital devices infiltrating every area of our lives, so many of us have become distracted from ourselves, our goals, and what’s really important to us – often without even realising.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-technology. In fact, I love technology and I credit it with being responsible for some of my greatest achievements and the most significant personal and professional relationships in my life. Technology is probably the reason you found me in the first place.

But technology has also been responsible for two burnouts, fuelling some of the darkest and most lonely moments of my life, and distracting me from being productive in my work, doing the things I love, and spending time with people I care about. It’s a double-edged sword to say the least.

I wanted to have all of the good bits and none of the bad (who doesn’t?), so I tasked myself with forging a healthier relationship with my digital devices… and it changed my life more than I ever could have imagined. I’m happier, I sleep better at night, I read more books, I’m more present when I’m with family or friends, and I’m finally writing my third book.

In short, I learned how to cultivate a tech-life balance that propels me forward instead of holding me back, supports my mental health and wellbeing instead of wearing me down, and allows me to sustain authentic human relationships instead of superficial connections.

And now, I’m on a mission to share this gift with as many women as possible.

My life offline.

Travelled to 61 countries and counting

Obsessed with Luna, my miniature dachshund

Written and self-published 2 novels

Unable to say no to chocolate, sushi or tacos

Unapologetically stuck on 90s hip hop and RnB

What I do.

I take a holistic approach to coaching that views your mind, body, and soul as being interconnected, and the balance between them as the foundation for your happiness and wellbeing. Think of them as the three legs of a stool: if one of them is coming up short, everything feels a bit wobbly and off.

Whether you join one of my group coaching programmes or digital detox retreats, my initial focus is always on helping you gain awareness of how your digital habits may be impacting your whole being and throwing things off balance.

But it isn’t enough to simply be aware of your bad habits. If you do nothing, your life will continue as it is and you’ll end up somewhere by default. So it makes sense to make conscious decisions about who you want to be and the kind of life you want to live, so that you can take an active role in defining that destination.

That’s why I also help you to get clear on the vision for your life (hint: it probably doesn’t involve 4 hours a day on Instagram or nightly Netflix binges) and empower you with the tools to dial down those bad habits and amplify the behaviours that will make the life you want a reality, creating a balance that supports your personal happiness and wellbeing.

Why I do it.

Put simply, I’m a girls’ girl and I love seeing other women succeed. The biggest cheerleaders in my life are other women and the way in which we continuously uplift and hold each other accountable plays a major role in our collective progression. To me, coaching like-minded women is a natural extension of this sisterhood.

More importantly, I’ve experienced my own personal battles with mental health. I know what it’s like to feel lost, stuck, joyless, and unfulfilled, so I don’t take wellness for granted and understand the importance of practising self-care and pro-actively cultivating your own happiness.

So many women believe that they’re too busy to prioritise their own wellbeing… until it’s too late and they’re forced to. I want to help women put the focus back on themselves so that they can operate from the best possible base to achieve their wildest dreams. After all, prevention is better than cure.

How I do it.

It’s been a journey to get here but there’s a reason why coaching isn’t usually a first career – it’s being in the trenches that qualifies us to coach as much as formal training. I’ve experienced many of the things that my clients have so I’m able to empathise in a way that would not be possible without these prior experiences.

Nonetheless, in 2021 I completed a rigorous ICF-accredited (International Coaching Federation) coach training programme with Consciously Digital, specifically focused on digital wellness. This means I’m trained to work professionally, ethically, and to a recognised industry standard. I am now working towards the next step, the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) Credential.

I follow the Co-Active coaching model which means I believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful, whole, and completely capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you may face. My job is simply to help you realise this so that you can overcome the barriers, obstacles, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life.

I create a safe space for you to explore your deepest desires and greatest fears without judgement, while also holding you accountable for your actions, because this is the difference between experiencing successful transformations and simply drifting along without results.

I also believe that learning is a lifelong process and my personal quest for growth continuously introduces me to new tools, practices, books, ideas, and ways of thinking. I make all of these accessible to my clients through the coaching relationship as part of my commitment to empowering you to live life with intention in the age of digital distraction.

Who I do it for.

I work exclusively with ambitious women who are ready to ditch the digital distractions and step into the life they’ve always imagined.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate superstar, creative entrepreneur, self-employed freelancer or small business owner, nor if you’re single, married, divorced, have kids, crave kids or don’t want them. The common thread among my clients is an unbearable level of discomfort with the status quo or the current direction of travel, a feeling that there must be more to life, and the curiosity and conviction to seek it out.

Some clients know exactly where they want to be and I help them work out how to get there. Some clients don’t know where they want to be and I help them figure it out. Either way, if you find yourself with an insuppressible desire to stop the distractions and focus on yourself, to quiet the mind long enough to listen to your heart, and to go after the life you deserve, you should definitely give me a call…

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