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Ever wondered why it’s so hard to put your phone down? Join Digital Wellness Coach, Marisha Pink, as she explores how modern technology is affecting our everyday lives and shares actionable advice to help you minimise digital distractions, build healthier digital habits, and achieve a better tech-life balance. New episode every Tuesday.

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Recent episodes

The Lost Tourist: Why You Can’t Always Trust GPS To Send You In The Right Direction

If you were lost and trying to find your way, would you trust your navigational instincts over GPS directions that seem to be wrong? In this episode, I explore the amusing but cautionary tale of “The Lost Tourist” who famously trusted GPS directions while on vacation in Iceland, only to end up hundreds of miles away from his destination…twice! I explain the concept of automation bias and why humans have a tendency to trust machines more than they do themselves, and how a dependency on GPS technology impacts your natural wayfinding abilities and “inner GPS”. I also share some ways that you can keep your brain active to preserve your natural navigational abilities and develop spatial orientation knowledge, and challenge you to try navigating a journey without using GPS this week.

Fact or Fiction: Debunking the Misinformation in ChatGPT’s Hallucinations

Can you always trust ChatGPT to provide factually accurate responses? In a word, no. In this episode, I explore the concept of AI “hallucinations”, specifically when using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and the potential for AI platforms to generate inaccurate or misleading responses, which could lead to misinformation and harmful consequences. I explain how hallucinations occur, why it’s essential to fact-check AI responses, and share examples of ChatGPT’s best hallucinations, including making up incorrect historical details about the Titanic, citing non-existent scientific references as evidence for the health risks associated with cheese, and even creating a fictional theory about why mayonnaise is a racist condiment.

“Alexa, Play Porn” – 5 Times Amazon’s AI Voice Assistant Went Rogue

From Alexa to Siri, everyone loves the convenience of having AI voice assistants that can complete tasks, provide information, and make purchases with only a few simple commands. But what happens when your trusty assistant misbehaves? In this episode, I share 5 hilarious but cautionary tales about the times when Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa, has gone rogue, and the lessons that we can learn from these mishaps. I also explore the security features that can help prevent these calamities, and challenge you to review and update your Alexa settings to protect yourself and your family in future.

How To Quit Social Media For Good

Thinking about leaving social media? Not sure exactly how to go about it? In this episode, I share a 7-step game plan to help you quit social media for good, so that you can take back control of your time, improve your wellbeing, and focus on living your best life, in real life.

How To Take A Break From Social Media – And Stick To It!

Want to take a break from social media? Not sure exactly how to stick to it? In this episode, I share practical tips and suggestions to help you successfully take a break from social media, so that you can reap the benefits of a digital detox and make the most of the time you get back.

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